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Global Sports Metrics (GSM) and Test & Train Sports (T&T) influence and impact our committed athletes to take ownership of their development and learn to coach themselves.  We provide complete athletic benchmark testing, in-game video, and mental and physical training programs through our Athlete Management System. 

Nick Holmes, Founder of GSM, and Kelly Ahrens, Founder of Test & Train Sports, have strategically developed a highly efficient system by collecting valuable personal data that directly assists athletes and athletic organizations with their selection and development processes.

GSM has a dominant presence internationally and has cultivated grass-roots relationships in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We provide worldwide rankings and trending analytics on over 50,000 players to MLB organizations, colleges, academies, and other professional baseball entities.

They look to us for a unique breadth and depth of qualitative and quantitative data on players across four continents.

No opinions, No grading, No projecting.

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If you aren’t testing, you are simply guessing!

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“Please don’t get too caught up in the technology and metrics. It’s there to help tell us which direction to go and hold both coach and player accountable. It is merely more information to help make a decision and not the decision maker.

 If the work is getting done it will show. If the work is not getting done then all the tech in the world won’t help you.”

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